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Dr Rafael Euba

Dr Rafael Euba trained as a psychiatrist in London, where he has worked for over twenty years. He has extensive experience in all areas of psychiatry and particular expertise in the psychological issues that affect older people, as well as in the area of brain stimulation for the treatment of depression.

Rafa Euba specialises in Old Age Psychiatry and works as a Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Old Age Psychiatry for Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, London. He was the first clinician in the UK to use an innovative brain stimulation technology called rTMS to treat depression and has acted as a Specialist Adviser to the Interventional Procedures Programme of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in this capacity. He also lectures in St Thomas’ Hospital.

Over the years Dr Euba has looked after psychologically distressed patients with all psychiatric diagnoses, of varying ages and in many different clinical settings. He has a particular interest in the humanistic aspects of psychiatry, evident in many of his publications in academic and general interest journals. However, he also has extensive experience in the physical and medical aspects of psychiatry.

He has published two books (one on psychiatry and another on masculinity) and has also written in the general press about psychological and social issues. One of his books was chosen by the Spanish Government as a driver for their policies on gender equality.


Rafael is specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of older adults (aged over 50) with a wide range of conditions including:

  • Depression
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Vascular dementia
  • Lewy body dementia
  • Other dementias
  • Anxiety states including panic disorder and generalised anxiety
  • Schizophrenia and other causes of psychosis
  • Assessment of capacity

Research and Publications

Rafael Euba has published numerous articles in the lay and scientific press. The following are some selected publications:

R. Euba,  T. Chalder,  A. Deale,  S. Wessely. A Comparison of the Characteristics of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Primary and Tertiary Care. British Journal of Psychiatry 1996, Vol. 168; pages 121 to 126.

R. Euba, T. Chalder, P. Wallace, D.J.M. Wright, S. Wessely. Self-Reported Allergy-Related Symptoms and Psychological Morbidity in Primary Care. International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine 1997, Vol. 27 (1); pages 47 to 56.

R. Euba. A Psychological Perspective in Late Paraphrenia. European Journal of Psychiatry 2001; Vol. 15: pages 83 to 90.

R. Euba. Negative Behaviours as the Reason for Referral to a  Liaison Old Age Psychiatrist. The European Journal of Psychiatry, 2005; Vol. 19:155-158.

R. Euba and A. Saiz.  A comparison of the ethnic distribution in the depressed in-patient population and in the ECT Clinic. Journal of ECT 2006; Vol. 22:235-236.

R. Euba. Psychiatry for the Uninitiated (Psiquiatría para el No Iniciado) (Book). Desclée de Brouwer, 2007, Bilbao.

R. Euba and M. Crugel. The Depiction of ECT in the British Press. The Journal of ECT 2009; Vol.25(4):265-269.

R. Euba. This is a Man’s Book; Este Libro es Cosa de Hombres (Book) Desclée de Brouwer, 2010, Bilbao.

R. Euba. ECT and Ethnicity. Journal of ECT 2012; Volume 28 – Issue 1 – p 24–26.

R. Euba. National Stress Awareness Day: Is the fear of social failure making us more anxious than ever? The Independent and MSN, 5 November 2014.

R. Euba, I. Panihhidina & A. Zamar. Treatment-resistant depression: the experience of the first rTMS Clinic in the UK. Future Neurology 2015 Vol. 10, No. 3, Pages 211-215.

Assessment and Treatment

Rafael provides thorough diagnostic assessments, treatment and ongoing reviews. He aims to see you within a matter of days from referral and can see you at your home or at our consulting rooms.

Appointment prices

Initial assessment of 90 minutes incl. report, priced at £450.

Comprehensive diagnostic & capacity assessment of 120 minutes incl. report, priced at £750.

Optional follow-ups at £300 for 60 minutes, and £200 for 30 minutes.

Home visit supplements starting from £100.