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Opening our doors to more people in dire need of better care


A while back a patient, her husband and son invited me for tea. It was a privilege to converse with this charming and hospitable family, and it was very insightful to receive first hand feedback on Red & Yellow Care’s service provision.

The husband thanked us for the bespoke and responsive nature of our service. His wife had needed a range of assessments and tests, and each appointment had been organised within a matter of days and with a high degree of flexibility. The initial referral was on a Monday, a home visit by one of our consultant psychiatrists on Tuesday evening, a blood test on Thursday, a follow-up consultation with a consultant geriatrician on Saturday, an MRI scan the following Thursday morning, the outcome of the scan communicated by phone that same day and the full diagnostic report sent by the following Monday. The entire Continue reading “Opening our doors to more people in dire need of better care”