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Shaking and Tremors

Help with Shaking and Tremors in later life

Tremors are a type of shaking movement. A tremor can affect any part of the body and most often noticed in hands and arms. They can happen at any age, but are more common in older people.

The most common type of tremor is called essential tremor which is shaking that most often involves small, rapid movements. The tremor usually occurs when you are trying to do something, such as reaching for an object or writing.

Other common causes of tremors are prescribed medicines, neurological disorders , normal aging, overactive thyroid gland Parkinson’s disease, stress, anxiety, stroke, too much coffee or alcohol.

Experiencing a tremor can have a great impact on a persons confidence. The loss of confidence can result in shying away from social interaction due to the stigma attached to tremors. Tremors can also affect activities of daily living such as dressing and driving.

Shaking or tremors can often be helped or controlled. An assessment with our consultant will help devise a treatment plan that will reduce the effects of tremors.

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  • When I spoke to you on the telephone when I was at my wits end, I felt that I was at last speaking to someone who understood, really understood my situation.

    Sandra – wife and carer
  • Had a wonderful appointment with my mum. Amazed at the thoroughness and delicacy which Dr Zamboni afforded her.

    Laura – daughter and carer
  • The meeting on Wednesday evening eased my sore heart and deep anxiety about George, as I know how fortunate we are to have found you all.

    Teresa – sister and carer