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Worried about memory

Help with memory loss in later life.

Memory is important to us all. Not only so we can recall what we are going to do next, or where we put those keys, but because memory puts our whole world in context; it is who we are, who we were and who the people are around us. Past the age of 50 it becomes less easy to remember things, but this does not usually affect us day-to-day except going into a room and briefly forgetting why. However memory loss may be a symptom of a more serious illness.

Causes of more serious memory loss include anxiety, depression and dementia. Some physical illnesses may also affect memory.

If you are experiencing memory loss which is worrying you we would be happy to see you to a) take a full history of your concerns b) assess your physical and psychological health, c) check your memory using established memory tests and d) discuss with you whether any other investigations are needed (such as brain scans)

Memory loss is common, but sometimes serious.

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At Red & Yellow Care we specialise in diagnosis, treatment, care and advice for older adults. Our approach is unique – we build a complete picture of the individual – and we treat them like an individual. We guarantee fast and flexible appointments with the very best specialists.

How we can help.

Because we are the specialists in health for older adults, we can offer all the expertise you need from one source.

We usually visit you at home, or alternatively can see you at our Consulting Rooms. We aim to arrange all appointments within a matter of days.

Clear and simple pricing.

First appointment up to 90 minutes, priced at £450.

Further appointments at £300 up to 60 minutes, £200 up to 30 minutes.

Home visit supplements starting from £100.

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We have the best consultants and other specialists dedicated to the health of older people.


We aim for our specialists to see you within a matter of days, and within 24 hours for urgent appointments.


We fit our service around you. Planning your appointments where and when suits you best.


We are committed to giving you the most thorough assessment, treatment and care.

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  • I used Red & Yellow Care for the first time to make an assessment for my mother. Found the service very easy to use, customer friendly and helpful.
    Emily – daughter and carer
  • I have got my dad back. We’ve seen massive improvements – his morning confusion is gone, he’s not forgetful or perplexed, and his motivation has improved.
    Natalie – daughter and carer
  • Gwyn Grout has been very helpful and supportive of my mother & family and has co-ordinated her care very well. She has been objective and listens well to the difficulties we have experienced.
    Michael – son and carer