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Feeling Dizzy

Help with dizziness in later life.

Dizziness, also known as vertigo, is not only more common but also more persistent in people over 50. It is more likely to be due to physical rather than psychological causes and is more incapacitating in older people.

Dizziness is caused by various medical conditions like high or low blood pressure, heart or neurological disorders and some psychiatric conditions. Some causes have minor effects whilst other causes can be serious and even life-threatening. As a general rule, if you feel dizzy regularly and you do not know why, you should see a consultant.

Common effects of dizziness include feeling anxious about standing up, which can reduce your mobility. Other symptoms linked to dizziness are feeling sick, falls, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), amnesia and anxiety.

Dizzy spells should not be looked at in isolation. Our team of consultants will review your physical health history and social circumstances, devising treatments plans that include a variety of medicines and physical therapies.

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At Red & Yellow Care we specialise in diagnosis, treatment, care and advice for older adults. Our approach is unique – we build a complete picture of the individual – and we treat them like an individual. We guarantee fast and flexible appointments with the very best specialists.

How we can help.

Because we are the specialists in health for older adults, we can offer all the expertise you need from one source.

We usually visit you at home, or alternatively can see you at our Consulting Rooms. We aim to arrange all appointments within a matter of days.

Clear and simple pricing.

First appointment up to 90 minutes, priced at £450.

Further appointments at £300 up to 60 minutes, £200 up to 30 minutes.

Home visit supplements starting from £100.

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We have the best consultants and other specialists dedicated to the health of older people.


We aim for our specialists to see you within a matter of days, and within 24 hours for urgent appointments.


We fit our service around you. Planning your appointments where and when suits you best.


We are committed to
giving you the most thorough assessment, treatment and care.

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  • Had a wonderful appointment with my mum. Amazed at the thoroughness and delicacy which Dr Zamboni afforded her.
    Laura – daughter and carer
  • When I spoke to you on the telephone when I was at my wits end, I felt that I was at last speaking to someone who understood, really understood my situation.
    Sandra – wife and carer
  • Dr Smith’s highly professional, direct and honest approach yet accompanied by such warmth and caring provided great comfort to all of us.
    Kate – daughter and carer
  • Through our recent experience we have learned quickly to appreciate the marked difference in the approach your company has from any other health service provider we’ve dealt with in the past.
    David – husband and carer