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Bladder Problems

Help with bladder problems in later life.

The bladder is the organ that stores urine. As you get older, the sudden intense sensation of needing to go to the toilet (urgency) may increase. This is a normal part of aging. The most important point to remember is that everyone with a bladder problem can be helped, and many can be completely cured.

Most cases of urgency and incontinence are caused by an overactive bladder or a urinary tract infection. However, for some people, the cause is never found. Bladder problems require medical attention to ensure the underlying cause is treated to avoid rapid deterioration in health and wellbeing.

Often urgency resulting in incontinence happens with no warning, first of all causing embarrassment and then discomfort. The embarrassment caused by incontinence can affect a person’s confidence and impact on their ability to engage socially.

If you are concerned about your or a loved one’s bladder problem, make an appointment to see a consultant. They will complete an assessment and develop a treatment plan. Remember most bladder problems can be resolved easily with early intervention.

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At Red & Yellow Care we specialise in diagnosis, treatment, care and advice for older adults. Our approach is unique – we build a complete picture of the individual – and we treat them like an individual. We guarantee fast and flexible appointments with the very best specialists.

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Because we are the specialists in health for older adults, we can offer all the expertise you need from one source.

We usually visit you at home, or alternatively can see you at our Consulting Rooms. We aim to arrange all appointments within a matter of days.

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First appointment up to 90 minutes, priced at £450.

Further appointments at £300 up to 60 minutes, £200 up to 30 minutes.

Home visit supplements starting from £100.

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  • The hour that I spent with the nurse was priceless since she both understood my problems and was able to fill in some of the gaps that I needed advice and help with.
    Mary – wife and carer
  • We are indeed very pleased with the attention and excellent service we have received for my wife, with the health issues that currently concern us.
    Richard – husband and carer
  • The nurse was extremely informative, with a sensitive approach, which was delightful.
    Edita – daughter and carer
  • Dr Smith’s highly professional, direct and honest approach yet accompanied by such warmth and caring provided great comfort to all of us.
    Kate – daughter and carer