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Dr Farooq Khan

Dr Khan works as Consultant Psychiatrist at the Birmingham and Solihull NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust. Dr Khan has outstanding qualifications including Masters in Psychiatry, MRCPsych, he is the Fellow at the Indian Psychiatric Society and holds Masters in Medical Education. He had a comprehensive and wide ranged professional experience of working in adult, old age, child, alcohol and substance use, learning disability, assertive outreach and Forensic Psychiatry right from the beginning of his career in psychiatry before aspiring to become expert in older people’s mental health problems.

Dr Khan is a member of editorial review board of a Medical Journal and has more than 30 publications in National and International Medical Journals. Dr Khan has broad based research experience both being the lead and co-investigator in number of projects (completed and ongoing). All of these projects are clinical and related to both the workplace and academic institutions. Dr Khan has presented papers / posters in more than 30 National and International Conferences winning medals and awards.

Dr Khan is the Regional Representative of for Royal College of Psychiatrists – West Midlands Region for Faculty of Old age Psychiatry.

Dr Khan holds a Senior Lecturer post at the University of Chester, he is Hon Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Aston Medical School and also Senior Clinical Examiner at the Birmingham Medical School (Psychiatry).


He is specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of older adults (aged over 50) with a wide range of conditions including:

  • Depression
  • Dementia of different types including Alzheimer’s, Vascular, Mixed, Lewy-body, Parkinson’s dementia
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Schizophrenia and other psychotic conditions
  • Mental Capacity Assessments including testamentary capacity assessments

Research and publications

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Assessment and Treatment

Farooq provides thorough diagnostic assessments, treatment and ongoing reviews. He aims to see you within a matter of days from referral and can see you at your home or at our consulting rooms.

Appointment prices

Initial assessment of 90 minutes incl. report, priced at £450.

Capacity assessment of 60 minutes incl. report, priced at £375.

Comprehensive diagnostic & capacity assessment of 120 minutes incl. report, priced at £750.

Optional follow-ups at £300 for 60 minutes, and £200 for 30 minutes.

Home visit supplements starting from £100.