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Help with anxiety in later life.

If a fully grown tiger leapt out on you as you walked down the road, your feelings would be intense: you’d feel a sense of dread, your heart would beat faster, your mouth would go dry, you’d shake and have ‘butterflies’ in your stomach. This is natural – it’s part of your “fight or flight” response.

But what if you were to feel like this all the time? That is what people with Anxiety Disorder experience. It can be long-lasting or come in short, intense bursts (panic). It can be a result of outside factors like spiders or thunder (phobia) or have no apparent cause.

There are effective treatments available and most people with Anxiety Order can make a full recovery.

Find out more about anxiety

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of Anxiety will vary from person to person, but may include:

  • feelings of dread or terror
  • irritability
  • problems concentrating
  • dizziness
  • tiredness
  • fluttering (or palpitations) in your chest
  • shaking
  • dry mouth
  • shortness of breath

Some of the symptoms also occur in other conditions, like depression, heart disease or thyroid disease, so it is important to be diagnosed by a doctor with the appropriate skills.

What causes Anxiety?

It is thought to result from an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. It may occur for no reason, start after a traumatic experience or be triggered by something specific, like spiders or thunderstorms.

Key facts about Anxiety 

  • About 1 in 20 will experience in any month
  • Twice as many women are affected as men
  • Anxiety can often be a symptom of another mental illness
  • Longstanding anxiety may be associated with increased risk of physical illness 

How will it affect me

You may lose confidence, have problems at work or with hobbies and stop social activities like meeting friends. People with Anxiety often feel tense, nervous and physically unwell. You may feel you can’t get better, but that is far from the truth.

How is it diagnosed?

There is no simple test to diagnose anxiety. A doctor who is skilled in assessing, diagnosing and treating it will first exclude other conditions that mimic the symptoms, then take into account your full background, symptoms and medical history, together with your current situation, to confirm a diagnosis.

How is it treated?

A lot can be done to help people with Anxiety. The mainstays of treatment are psychological therapies, such as relaxation and cognitive behavioural therapy. This will involve meeting with a therapist weekly for a few weeks, learning about your symptoms, where they come from and how to control or combat them. With an experienced therapist, this is a very effective treatment.

Sometimes medication can help, too. There are a lot of different treatments available including antidepressants, which are also effective against Anxiety, and medication that directly combats the physical symptoms.

Symptoms of Anxiety are often part of other conditions, including Depression, Dementia, Heart Disease and Lung Disease, so it is important to look after these illnesses as well. For this reason, treatment by a team that can look after all medical and psychological symptoms is important. The majority of people will get better with the right treatment.

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At Red & Yellow Care we specialise in diagnosis, treatment, care and advice for older adults. Our approach is unique – we build a complete picture of the individual – and we treat them like an individual. We guarantee fast and flexible appointments with the very best specialists.

Meet some of our consultants.

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How we can help

Because we are the specialists in health for older adults, we can offer all the expertise you need from one source.

We usually visit you at home, or alternatively can see you at our Consulting Rooms. We aim to arrange all appointments within a matter of days.

Clear and simple pricing.

First appointment up to 90 minutes, priced at £450.

Further appointments at £300 up to 60 minutes, £200 up to 30 minutes.

Home visit supplements starting from £100.

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We have the best consultants and other specialists dedicated to the health of older people.


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We are committed to giving you the most thorough assessment, treatment and care.

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  • John was inspired by Dr Smith, it’s been a revelation. He’s not as scared about everything, not fearing the future as much and is feeling more positive.

    Deborah – wife and carer
  • We are indeed very pleased with the attention and excellent service we have received for my wife, with the health issues that currently concern us.

    Richard – husband and carer
  • My father has seen a lot of Consultants with his health and Dr Warner was the nicest person we have seen. It’s been quite an exhausting process for my dad and it was lovely to have someone who put him so much at ease.

    Julia – daughter and carer